Jonathan Swartwout has become one of the most talented artists in the Adirondacks.  His paintings have great detail and vivid color, surrounding each with a hand crafted frame. Not only can he paint but he is also a talented craftsman.  Highly imaginative and skilled he puts great effort in making each piece of furniture one of a kind.  He is always eager to work on a project whether large or small.   He is a pleasure to work with”         

-Michele and Ralph Kylloe

          Jon is a skilled adirondack craftsman, who is gifted in his work with the saw, the chisel and the hammer as well as the brush, pallet and the flyrod. His paintings of trout their adirondack environs are outstanding and second to none. Bright with sparkle and shine, Jon's (trout) paintings capture their liveliness, as only a gifted artist and flyfisherman can reproduce them. His work is exceptional.         

- Jim "Prof" Underwood


      Jon Swartwout continues to overwhelm us by his infinite 
talent.  One can only be awed by the museum quality, 
originality, and extraordinary care in the minute details in 
both his paintings and furniture. He brings a fresh eye and 
an unusual talent to the art of Adirondack rustic furniture 
making. Simply put...Jon is a master and should be 
recognized as one of the leading furniture makers of our time. 
It is an honor and thrill to have his pieces grace our home and The Adirondack Club. 
 -Tom and Susan Lawson,Tupper Lake New York 

A true Artisan spirit with a keen eye for making nature come to life. His work is meticulous, unique and has a way of speaking to you- "Quality" at best. When collecting ADK pieces, Swartwout's work is one you want to include.

-Award Winning Interior Designer- Shon Parker, ASID